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What if, this year, you spent your company’s gifts budget on a humanitarian cause?

Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

Swiss & Love is a non-profit humanitarian plastic surgery organisation. Founded in Geneva, Switzerland, its purpose is to treat women who have undergone ritual genital mutilation.

Every day 6,000 girls are circumcised around the world. Tomorrow they will become women; mutilated women. Reconstructive surgery can restore their physical integrity.

Our surgical team works on a completely voluntary basis. However, these treatments do involve unavoidable expenses and your support is needed.

We invite you to allocate some of your company’s gifts budget to this cause by involving your clients and business associates. In return for your donations, we will create an electronic greeting card that combines your logo with ours. We will also include a few words explaining this approach, as in the example attached to this letter.

Thank you for your support. We remain at your disposal for any information you may require.

We look forward to this partnership.

Geneva, 15th November 2011

Swiss & Love

Dr Gàbor Vàradi, Plastic Surgeon                Laurence Vogt
Founder of Swiss & love                              Communications Director

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