We want to invest the majority of our effort into our medical work. We strive to reduce our administrative overheads to the bare minimum.

The La Colline – plastic & esthetic surgery center office provides its administrative services.

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The committees of the Love & Swiss organization work on a voluntary basis.

The Action Committee
Tuchschmid Gilles – President
Varadi Gàbor – Vice-President
Sambeth Glasner Birgit – Legal and Administrative
Babecoff Rachel – Humanitaire & ONG
Rappaport Varadi Noga – Humanitarian & NGO


Scientific Advisory Committee
Wenger Jean-Marie – Gynaecological Surgeon
Bianchi Demicheli Francesco – Psycho-Sexologist
Valiton-Crusi Antonella – Gynaecologist-Obstetrician
Boussina Maja – Physiotherapist 


Support Committee
Ras Work Berhane – President and Founder of CIA
von Arx-Vernon Anne-Marie – Political and NGO Advisor
Sabeti Saïd – Gynaecologist
Scholberg David – CEO at KBSD
Vittoz-Rivero Amalia – Member
Lombard Christine – Member
Nare Clémence – Member Gilles Tuchschmid – President
Gàbor Vàradi – Vice-President
Birgit Sambeth Glasner – Legal and Administrative
Rachel Babecoff – Humanitarian & NGO

Noga Rappaport Vàradi– Secretary General
Laurence Vogt – Communications Director